Sunday, March 8, 2015

Visual Studio Help on DVD

It has been years since Microsoft stopped shipping MSDN DVDs with Visual Studio or even providing the MSDN Help ISO Images on the MSDN Subscriptions site.

However, believe it or not, the MSDN DVD/ISO Images still exist!

I actually found this little tidbit from the Help menu in Visual Studio 2013 under "Order Help on DVD".

Clicking on this link takes you to this site which allows you to download the Visual Studio Help in the form of an ISO Image:

You can download an ISO image either for Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013!!

This is a handy dandy feature if you want to install the MSDN Help locally rather than having to search for it on the Internet.  I used to do this frequently until Microsoft stopped shipping the MSDN Documentation ISOs.

It is good to know that I still have that option available to me after all these years!!

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