Monday, March 9, 2015

Invalid TFS Source Control Bindings

I was setting up autobuild for a set of projects that another developer on the team had recently copied from one folder to another and I was encountering numerous problems with the autobuild especially regarding NuGet packages.
No matter what I did to the project, I could not get the solutions to successfully autobuild!!

Well, since I have had to dissect the solution files and .csproj files frequently in the past, I decided to open them up and take a look at them outside of Visual Studio.

Surprisingly enough, I found the following elements in several of the .csproj files:
<SccProjectName>%24/TFS Source Control Path</SccProjectName>

Instead, the contents should have looked like this instead:


Once I fixed up the solution bindings in the various .csproj files, it allowed me to get past the build issues and work on finally fixing up the NuGet package references.

Once I corrected all of the NuGet package references, the build started working correctly as expected!!

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