Sunday, February 23, 2014

ASP.NET E-Commerce engines with Recurring Product Support

I evaluated a significant number of populate e-Commerce engines and amongst them I only found a very few with recurring product support.

If you are familiar with ordering from, Amazon offers the ability to order items such as groceries on a recurring/scheduled basis.  With Amazon, you can even specify the frequency on which you want the order to be purchased and shipped to you.

Unfortunately, with all of these ASP.NET-based e-Commerce engines, none of them offer the level of sophistication as is offered by in terms of recurring product support.  All of them simply offer the ability to specify a product as a recurring product and specify a recurrence frequency.

The products that I discovered that provide recurring product support are the following:

Not surprisingly, all of these products exhibited product defects in their ability to support recurring products:

  • AspDotNetStoreFront--While checking out, a customer is unable to actually view the frequency on which the product recurs.  Instead, the product is indicated as simply being a recurring product and that is all the information the customer is provided with in their shopping cart.
  • VevoCart--While checking out, a product that has recurring support, a customer is not even able to select a payment method to pay for the recurring item!!
  • nopCommerce--While nopCommerce definitely displays the best overall feature support for recurring products, it is limited to a single item in the shopping basket for checkout and I was never able to successfully integrate PayPal Direct or PayPal Standard to pay for my items on checkout.  The only successful payment gateway I was able to integrate was Authorize.Net.
Hopefully the above issues will be resolved in future releases of these products.  but for now, I have not yet found any "ideal" ASP.NET-based e-Commerce engine which even comes close to the features and functionality provided by for recurring products and orders.

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