Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mapping SharePoint User Profile properties to Active Directory fields

If you are using SharePoint 2013 Workflows and need to send e-mail messages, odds are that you will need to set up and configure User Profile Synchronization.

Of course, as you can guess, one of the key critical SharePoint User Profile Properties to be able to send e-mail messages is the "E-mail Address" property.

Well, when you set up an Active Directory import, by default, SharePoint will attempt to use information regarding the e-mail address based on connectivity with Exchange Server and the additional schema that Exchange Server adds to Active Directory.

However, what if you do not have Exchange Server configured in your environment?  If Exchange Server is not present, SharePoint will attempt to use the "proxyAddresses" field in Active Directory which may have a format of something like:  Well, as you can probably guess, this will not work for sending e-mails as part of a workflow!

Well, then you have to manually "map" the appropriate SharePoint User Profile property over to the corresponding "E-mail" field in Active Directory.

Well, you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open up Central Administration
  2. Click on "Application Management"
  3. Click on "Manage Service Applications"
  4. Click on the "User Profile Service Application"
  5. Beneath the "People" section, click on "Manage User Properties"
  6. Find the "Work email" property beneath the "Contact Information" section
  7. Hover over the "Work email" property until you see the "Edit" menu
  8. Click on the Edit link in the pop-up context menu
  9. Navigate down to the "Add New Mapping" section
  10. In the "Attribute" field, type "mail" and click on the "Add" button
  11. Click OK to save your changes
  12. Now, return to the User Profile Service Application screen and click on "Start Profile Synchronization"
  13. Select "Start Full Synchronization" and click the OK button.
  14. Once the synchronization is completed, you should now be able to view the user's e-mail address by going into "Manage User Profiles" and finding the specific user!

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