Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Setting up User Profile Synchronization in SharePoint 2013

After just setting up a brand new SharePoint 2013 installation, I noticed that even though the User Profile Service Application was set up and configured, no user accounts were getting imported!!

In fact, the only user account that was present in my SharePoint installation was the installation account!

However, as many SharePoint 2013 developers know, SharePoint 2013 Workflows are heavily reliant on leveraging the User Profile Service in order to match up e-mail addresses with SharePoint User accounts so that e-mails can be sent in workflows.

In addition, SharePoint 2013 Workflows cannot even be designed by the System Account!!  Therefore, you need to have at least one other user account in the system to be able to design and use SharePoint 2013 Workflows.

So, I looked at the default synchronization settings on the User Profile Service Application Page:

Well, it seemed that the "Use SharePoint Profile Synchronization" option was obviously not working!

Therefore, I decided to try to change the Synchronization options to "Use SharePoint Active Directory Import".

In order to get this to work, I also had to configure a Synchronization Connection.  Therefore, I started by creating a new Synchronization Connection:

I then specified the appropriate values for the Synchronization Connection to Active Directory:

After doing this, I had to start a Full Profile Synchronization:

Once I did this, I was able to successfully synchronize the user accounts from Active Directory and view them in the "Manage User Profiles" section!

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