Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Useful tools for a SharePoint 2013 Development Environment

When developing on the SharePoint 2013 platform, there are several useful development tools that can aid in your development process.  While some are absolutely necessary for developing functionality in SharePoint 2013, others are useful tools that I have found which simply some aspects of setup, configuration and testing.

Here is a list of the development tools I frequently use while developing for SharePoint 2013:

  1. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional with InfoPath 2013
  2. Microsoft Visio 2013
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  4. Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013
  5. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012-to provide easy management of SharePoint databases
  6. Microsoft Web Platform Installer-for installing Workflow Manager 1.0 as well as other useful platform tools:
  7. SMTP4Dev-for testing sending and receiving e-mail messages:
  8. Idera PowerShell Plus-for developing PowerShell scripts:
  9. Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox--for testing and debugging functionality with alternative browsers
  10. TechSmith SnagIt-for easily performing screen and video captures for review:
  11. Slysoft Virtual CloneDrive-for easily mounting ISO images for installation of SharePoint, SQL Server etc.:
  12. Scooter Software Beyond Compare-for doing file and folder based comparisons- 
  13. Source Control such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Sourcegear Vault or Subversion-for storing development code and scripts for versioning and backup

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