Thursday, February 20, 2014

Changes in People Picker in SharePoint 2013

Among many of the User Interface changes in SharePoint 2013, the People Picker has changed dramatically in SharePoint 2013 from all previous versions of SharePoint.

As many SharePoint developers and end-users already know, the People Picker in SharePoint has typically always been associated with an Address Book icon as well as a "Check Names" icon.

Ironically, enough, this functionality is still present in SharePoint 2013 when initially setting up a brand new Site Collection:

However, in all other areas of SharePoint that are used for People Picking, you will find that these 2 icons are notably absent:

Instead, what you find is that there is "auto-completion" capabilities provided in the People Picker as you type out the user name.

It is not quite clear why Microsoft decided to remove these 2 icons in almost all areas of SharePoint 2013, though I suspect it may have to do with increased mobile device support.

In any case, this is definitely one thing to look out for when adjusting yourself to the various new user interfaces changes between prior SharePoint platforms and SharePoint 2013.

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