Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The option for the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Platform is not available

When you install SharePoint 2013 by default, SharePoint 2013 Workflows are not enabled.  Instead, you only end up with SharePoint 2010 Workflows out-of-the-box.

After you install Workflow Manager 1.0 from Web Platform Installer, will you get started on the path to enable SharePoint 2013 Workflows for your installation.

However, even after installing Workflow Manager 1.0, you may still get this error message in SharePoint Designer:

This is because you need to run a PowerShell command in order to enable the Workflow Service to be used within SharePoint as described in this article:

The command you have to run is the following (for a single server installation of SharePoint 2013):

Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite "http://myserver/mysitecollection" –WorkflowHostUri "http://myserver:12291" –AllowOAuthHttp

You can check the bindings for your Workflow installation through the IIS Management Console:

Once you run this PowerShell command, the SharePoint 2013 Workflow option will become available for you within SharePoint Designer:


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