Friday, February 14, 2014

Unable to delete a base Site Column from a Custom Content Type

I was working in SharePoint Designer creating a Custom Content Type and after reviewing the requirements for the Content Type, decided to add a base Site Column.

In this case, I decided to add the Description Site Column.  However, too late did I notice that there are multiple "versions" of the Description Site Column.

There is a version of the Description Site Column which is only a "Single line of text" while another version is "Multiple lines of text".

Unfortunately, I needed the "Multiple lines of text" version rather than the "Single line of text" version.  Therefore, noticing that the "Delete" link was enabled in the Content Type, I thought I could just go ahead and delete the column from my Content Type.

Well, this was the error message that I got in SharePoint Designer:

I therefore tried some different tactics to attempt to delete the column from my content type including attempting to use a PowerShell command to delete it such as is described in this article:

However, even the PowerShell command did not succeed in removing the column from my Content Type.

Therefore, I was FORCED to delete the entire content type and re-create it with the correct column.

So, just as a warning to anyone creating custom content types, be very careful of the columns that you add to the Content Type, otherwise you may end up in the same situation and be required to completely re-create the content type!!!

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