Thursday, February 20, 2014

Changes in e-mail task in SharePoint 2013 Designer Workflows

When designing and testing SharePoint Designer workflows in SharePoint 2010, I would frequently create "dummy" e-mail tasks in SharePoint Designer in order to test the functionality of sending e-mails in SharePoint Designer.

That is to say, I would simply create an e-mail task that would send an e-mail to a fake e-mail address within the workflow and then simply intercept the e-mail by using a tool such as Smtp4Dev (  This allowed me to easily verify the functionality in my SharePoint Designer workflows in a development/test environment before preparing it for a production deployment and also saved me the hassle of setting up information in Active Directory for e-mail addresses and configuring the User Profile Service etc.

However, to my surprise, while attempting to accomplish this same thing in SharePoint Designer 2013 using a SharePoint 2013 Workflow, I received the following error message:

Through my own testing, I determined this statement to be true.  Regardless of how many times I ran my workflow, I never once received any e-mail messages.

Concerned that my Smtp Server may not have actually been working, I decided to attempt to execute the following PowerShell script provided in this article:

As you can probably guess, the script executed just fine and I was able to receive an e-mail message in Smtp4Dev.

Therefore, I knew that I would have to properly setup my user accounts in Active Directory and make sure all of the appropriate information was populated in the specific user's profile.

Just something to watch out for when developing SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows and using the e-mail task...

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