Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Using LDAP Browser to examine LDAP attributes/properties for Active Directory

If you are working with SharePoint 2013 User Profile Synchronization, there is a good chance, you will need to learn the appropriate LDAP properties for Active Directory fields in order to map the appropriate fields into SharePoint User Profile properties.

Well, unfortunately, finding this information is not directly accessible through the Active Directory Users and Computers console.

Therefore, how do you discover this information?

Thankfully, there is a free tool out there called LDAP Browser: http://www.ldapbrowser.com/download.htm

This tool allows you to connect to Active Directory and directly examine the matching LDAP attribute names that are used for the various properties and fields stored in Active Directory.

So, how do you connect to Active Directory and begin browsing these LDAP properties?

It is actually very simple and it starts by creating a new profile.

LDAP Browser provides a very nice easy-to-use wizard to create a profile that will allow you to connect to Active Directory.

Once you get through these steps and successfully establish a connection to Active Directory, you should then be able to begin viewing and examining the LDAP-specific attributes used in Active Directory (as shown below):

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