Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Finding the Team Project when logging into Visual Studio Online/Team Foundation Server the 1st time

A question that I get frequently asked by many users who are using Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio Online for the 1st time, is where are the Team Projects?

Well, when you 1st log into the web-based dashboard of Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online, you will notice that there are no projects listed anywhere on the home page dashboard!

As Microsoft has it currently, even though you are assigned to a project, you still have to manually browse to that project the 1st time you log into the system as follows:

Under "Recent projects & teams", you will have to click on the link for "Browse".  This will then open a Browse Server dialog which will allow you to choose from the respective projects to which you have been assigned:

Once you select the appropriate project, these projects will not appear beneath "Recent projects & teams":

Next, you can click on the name of one of your Team Projects to navigate to that project:

This will take you to YET ANOTHER Dashboard from which you can access basic information about your Team Project.  For most users, though, you will want to go straight to the Work Items which is in the top left-hand navigation appropriately titled "Work":

Once you access that area, you will be able to view all of your Work Items such as Epics, Features, and Product Backlog Items!

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