Friday, June 24, 2016

Windows Live Writer no longer works with Blogger!

I have been using Windows Live Writer for a very long time to manage my code snippets on my blog and when I logged into Windows Live Writer, I discovered that I could no longer log into Blogger!

It also seems that this problem has been reported by a large number of users from more than 1 year ago:

After discovering that Windows Live Writer is no longer actively maintained by Microsoft (the last release version was back in 2012), I started frantically searching for other code snippet tools that would work with Blogger.

One of the ones that I discovered was ( as well as SyntaxHighlighter (, however, the sharing and formatting of the code snippets was not as nice as some other syntax highlighting tools such as Crayon Syntax Highlighter for WordPress (

Fortunately, though, I finally came upon GitHub Gist! (

I can easily embed a snippet of HTML that consequently embeds some JavaScript into the page which directly links to the code snippet on GitHub!

Even though I cannot directly preview the code snippet while editing my blog on Blogger, GitHub Gist offers an additional convenience allowing users to directly copy or download my code snippets for their own use!

This offers an additional level of code sharing with my users that I do not readily get with other tools, so I have decided to switch all of my new code snippets and samples over to GitHub Gist!!

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