Thursday, June 16, 2016

New PluralSight courses for Visual Studio subscribers!

If you are a Visual Studio with MSDN subscriber, you have a free benefit that gives you access to a PluralSight subscription!

The courses in the MSDN PluralSight subscription are limited compared to a full PluralSight subscription, but you can see the type of content that is being made available and rotated periodically for that PluralSight subscription from here:

It worthwhile to note that the courses that are being removed from the MSDN PluralSight subscriptions, will still be available to subscribers with a FULL PluralSight subscription.  

So, if you find many of these courses, useful it is worthwhile to sign up for a FULL PluralSight subscription.

If you sign up for a Plus PluralSight subscription right now, they are offering a deep discount for an annual subscription for only $299!!

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