Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Online Kendo UI scratchpad

If you are just learning Kendo UI and want to experiment with how Kendo UI works without installing it on your local machine, fortunately Telerik has provided just such an environment for you to accomplish that!

Kendo UI Dojo

In this browser-based environment, you can add whatever Kendo UI code you need to experiment with the various controls and run them directly through the browser!

Of course, the base code provided does not help much with getting started with any sophisticated Kendo UI control examples, so it is best to start with a slightly more complex starting point such as this one: http://dojo.telerik.com/EFABI

The above Kendo UI examples utilizes the Kendo UI Grid control and does some basic customization and styling of the Kendo UI grid that allows you to better understand how the Kendo UI grid needs to be modified for your own tweaks and customizations!

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