Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Installing Git support in Visual Studio 2015

If you are installing Visual Studio 2015 for the first time, you may not know that you  have to specially install Git support for use with Visual Studio 2015.

Fortunately, doing this is relatively easy.

When you get to the installation dialog, click on "Custom" and select the main programming settings that you will be using for your development:

When you scroll to the bottom of the installation screen, you will want to expand the item for "Common Tools" so that you can select the options for Git installation and integration with Visual Studio:

You may also want to select the "Visual Studio Extensibility Tools" since that will provide you with the ability to create extensions and templates for sharing with your development team.

Once Visual Studio completes installing, you will have an option in your Source Control Plug-in Selection to select "Git".

That is all there is to it!!

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