Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Performing a TeamCity Project Restore

In recent releases of Jetbrains TeamCity, a "Projects Import" feature has been provided which allows you to restore most of your data from one TeamCity installation to another.

The process requires you to first take a Backup of the TeamCity installation which is then stored as a .zip file in the TeamCityData\backup directory.

I recently had to migrate TeamCity from one server to another, so I decided to try out this feature for myself.

When you first get to the Projects Import screen, you are informed that you need to place the backup .zip file in the TeamCityData\import directory (which did not already exist on the system).  Consequently, I manually created the import directory and placed my most recent backup file into it.  After refreshing the screen, TeamCity readily found my backup file:

After I clicked on "Configure Import Scope", I was prompted for the information that I needed to import into TeamCity:

After selecting "Start Import", my import process started and my project was restored!

I looked over my project build configurations and everything seemed in order just as it was configured on my earlier server.

Of course, I quickly discovered that the reason that this feature is called "Projects Import" is because it is not a full TeamCity restoration!

I discovered several items that I had configured on my other TeamCity server to be missing:

  • Email Notifier
  • Notification Rules
  • NuGet
  • Plugins such as Octopus Deploy and Visual Studio Online Work Items
  • Issue Tracking integration dependent on my Visual Studio Online Work Items plugin
Therefore, while this is not a comprehensive restoration of a TeamCity installation from one server to another, it does a fairly good job of retaining all of the information needed for a project to perform continuous integration builds!!

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