Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Setting up a Sitefinity Page Template to use Web Forms or MVC

When you use an existing Page Template in Sitefinity, you end up with either a Web Forms Page Template or an MVC Page Template.  This ultimately determines what types of Widgets you will be able to place on your Sitefinity pages.

However, what if you want to choose whether you are using a Web Forms Page Template or an MVC Page Template or if you want to use both (Hybrid Page Template)?

Well, unfortunately, you can only do that when you create a brand new Page Template as follows:

  1. From the Design menu, select Page Templates
  2. Click on Create a Template
  3. Under Advanced Settings, select whether or not you want to use Web Forms and MVC (hybrid), Web Forms only or MVC only

Now, depending on which option you chose, will control what type of Sitefinity Widgets will be available in your toolbox!!

That is all there is to it!!

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