Thursday, June 30, 2016

Getting the Publish Settings file for Windows Azure

If you are connecting to Windows Azure with PowerShell, then you can either set up an account in Azure Active Directory in order to be able to log into your Azure account as "Work or school account" or you can revert to using a Publish Settings file!

While this was relatively easy to find in the Classic Azure Portal, this is not so easy to find in the new Azure Portal.

Fortunately, you can still download the Publish Settings file using PowerShell!

The PowerShell script will ultimately send you to this Url to download your Publish Settings file once you log into the system:

So, if you are already logged into your Azure account in your web browser, you may be able to download the Publish Settings file directly.

If you still want to know how to do this through PowerShell, here is the PowerShell script for your review:

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