Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why I am switching from Subversion to Git

I have been using Subversion for a very long time as a free source control system even as an alternative to Team Foundation Server because it does not require an installation of Visual Studio to check-in items.  Since I can install a tool such as TortoiseSVN to do my check-ins directly from Windows Explorer, it has always been a handy tool for that purpose.

However, I recently encountered the following error message while attempting to perform a commit into my Subversion repository:

After looking up this error message, I came across this article:

However, even after trying the steps outline in the article, I was still not able to resolve my issue!

In any case, as many people already know, Subversion is a source control system that is quite antiquated and since it is a file-system based version control system not backed by a database, it suffers from many reliability problems similar to source control systems such as Visual SourceSafe.  Therefore, many development teams and organizations are moving to more robust source control systems such as Git, Mercurial and Team Foundation Server.

I was originally opposed to switching to Git since centralized source control systems are overall easier to use and manage with support for client-side Repository Browsers, but given the much greater reliability of a DVCS such as Git and greater and broader support for Git from the likes of BitBucket as well as Microsoft Team Foundation Server, I have decided it is the right time for me to move away from this problematic source control system and make the switch to Git!!

Hopefully, you will decide that moving to Git will be the right decision for you and your team as well!!

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