Thursday, June 16, 2016

Setting up SendGrid for Windows Azure

If you want to send out e-mails from Windows Azure, then the obvious choice is to use SendGrid.

Fortunately, setting up SendGrid within the Windows Azure is pretty simple and straightforward!

First, you have to log into your Windows Azure Portal and click on Browse in the left hand navigation menu:

In the list of menu options, you should now see an option for "SendGrid accounts" which you should click to set up a new SendGrid account:

Next, you will want to click on the "Add" button in the toolbar to set up a new SendGrid account.  SendGrid offers several different plan options, but the FREE plan will work for many organizations.

You will then have to enter your Contact Information along with the user credentials you want to set up for using the SendGrid account in Windows Azure:

Lastly, you will need to accept the legal terms in order to complete setting up your SendGrid account:

If everything was successful, you should now be able to see your newly set up SendGrid account!!

You can then go back into your SendGrid Accounts and check the settings for SendGrid to use for your Windows Azure Virtual Machine or any other services you might be running in Windows Azure:

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