Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Custom Action restrictions in 64-bit InstallShield packages

I was attempting to build a pure 64-bit installation package in InstallShield by altering the properties in the Template Summary field (located on the General Information window), and when I then attempting to build my installation package, I noticed the following error message:

"32-bit VBScript/JScript Custom Action must not be included in a strict 64-bit package."

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to resolving this error message and that is to set the "Use 64-Bit Scripting" flag on the VBScript Custom Action.

Therefore, if you forget to set this flag on any VBScript/JavaScript Custom Actions that you have, you will receive the 32-bit error message that I received.


  1. Hi vaidya,

    nice demonstraction, can u attach the error image to this article.

  2. Hi vaidya,

    i noticed the setting for 64bit now. thanks u.