Monday, November 18, 2013

Using MSI Log Analyzer to troubleshoot InstallShield packages

If you are having trouble with an InstallShield package, the first place to consult and troubleshoot the root cause of the problem is the Windows Installer logs.

First of all, you will need to make sure that you are logging your installation, you can do this in the following way:

  1. Click on General Information in the left hand navigation of InstallShield Installation Designer
  2. Under the option for "Create MSI Logs", click on the ellipsis to launch the dialog box
  3. In the Dialog box, select "Yes" and click the OK button

Now, after you run your installation, you can click on the "Show the Windows Installer log" checkbox to display the Windows Installer log.

Now, if you want to analyze the resultant Windows Installer Log, make sure you save off the Windows Installer log to a location on the hard drive so that you can generate reports for analysis.

  1. From the InstallShield Tools menu, select "MSI Log Analyzer"
  2. Once the MSI Log Analyzer Dialog opens, select the "Open Log File" option from the menu
  3. Then you can select any of the various options for generating a report and click on the "Analyze" button to generate the report.

1 comment:

  1. Has this tool been updated? I am testing it out just to verify that it can correctly analyze my logs and it does not seem to correctly identify errors that actually caused the install to fail.

    I have one log that contains an Error 1303 - permissions issue and therefore the install failed, but when I put this log through the analyzer none of the reports indicate what line in the log is the cause of the failure. It would only indicate that the install was a failure.

    So even in the 3rd report type, Colorized Rendering Report, it does not show a single Critical Error. The 2 lines that contain the 1303 error only shows color codes as Server Messages and Unknown Messages.

    So this tool is not that great for actually analyzing the log to determine what exactly caused the install to fail. Unless I am not using it correctly.. Has anyone else got this tool to correctly identify where the errors are in your installers?