Friday, November 1, 2013

Unexpected delay while loading Visual Studio 2013

I was recently loading up my installation of Visual Studio 2013 for the first time, and for some unknown reason, my Visual Studio instance continued to sit there for several minutes without ever loading the full IDE.

After scrolling through all of the open windows (using Alt + Tab), I discovered that Visual Studio 2013 was not displaying a dialog in the forefront of the IDE while it was attempting to load!

As it turns out, I had installed Resharper v. 8.0, and the Resharper Licensing Dialog was blocking the Visual Studio 2013 IDE from loading:

So, if you have any add-ins for Visual Studio such as Jetbrains Resharper, there is a good chance that the add-in could be blocking the final loading of your IDE while waiting for licensing information...

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