Sunday, November 24, 2013

Internet Explorer Automatic Version Upgrade

I just recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and as you may have already read, Internet Explorer 11 ships with Windows 8.1.

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I decided to check out the Help -->About Internet Explorer menu option to verify that I had been successfully upgraded to Internet Explorer 11.

Here is what I found on the Help dialog:

It seems that with the release of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft is attempting to follow a strategy similar to what Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome already follow of being able to provide automatic updates to versions of the browser!!

However, considering that Internet Explorer is an Enterprise Standard browser for most corporations/organizations, there is no telling how this will affect organizations that currently develop their web applications to support a particular version of Internet Explorer if IE 11 will constantly be updated to new versions (could we see an IE Version 30+ with this automatic version update feature???)

In any case, if you are a developer that supports Internet Explorer as one of your major browser platforms, this feature is definitely something you want to keep apprised of especially if the applications you develop are based on supporting certain versions of the IE browser platform.


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