Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Overloaded methods in Managed Code Custom Actions

I have been writing Managed Code Custom Actions for years and I have had to write both Immediate Execution Custom Action methods as well as Deferred/Commit Custom Action methods.

Well, rather than re-writing functionality based on the number of parameters and parameter types, I decided to try and overload some of the methods in order to more closely follow OOP practices in terms of class design.

As I soon learned, OOP principles do not work when it comes to creating Managed Code Custom Actions:

As it turns out, InstallShield does not support selection of Overloaded methods for Managed Code Custom Actions as is evident by the message "Overloaded methods cannot be selected".

Therefore, when writing your .NET assemblies to be used in Managed Code Custom Actions, make sure that you do not use overloaded methods otherwise these methods will be unavailable for you to use within your InstallShield projects!

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  1. excepting difference between

    1 standard custom actions
    2.managed custom actions