Monday, November 18, 2013

Recovering lost source code through .NET Decompilation

I recently needed to work on an old project after not having touched it for several years.  Unfortunately, I discovered I only had the resultant .NET assembly and had somehow or other lost the original source code.

Thankfully, I had not obfuscated nor encrypted the .NET assembly, therefore, a decompilation tool could hopefully come to the rescue!

In this instance, I ended up using the free decompilation tool Telerik JustDecompile:

Well, the results were far better than I ever imagined!  Not only did Telerik JustDecompile perfectly decompile my assembly (with all of the method details and signatures intact), but I was easily able to copy and paste the decompiled source code into a new .NET Class Library project and recover all of my supposedly lost work!

So if you are ever in a bind where you may have lost the original source code, remember a decompilation tool such as Telerik JustDecompile may still be able to save the day!

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