Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Testing Business Requirements for .NET Applications

Most developers know that we can test our code through Unit Tests as well as through Regression Tests such as the use of Web Tests or even test the scalability of our application through Web Performance/Load Tests.

However, how do we test to make sure that the code that we have developed has met business requirements?

Well, business driven requirements testing is currently not provided directly by the Microsoft Visual Studio suite of testing tools, however, there are 2 other tools that fill in the gaps left by Microsoft.

  1. SpecFlow: http://www.specflow.org/getting-started/
  2. FitNesse: http://fitnesse.org/FitNesse

While SpecFlow focuses on "Pragmatic BDD for .NET" and therefore has a focus on the .NET platform, FitNess is a more generalized tool used for Acceptance Testing.

These tools can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to meet your needs since they both work a little bit differently. 

While SpecFlow offers deep integration with Visual Studio.NET through a Visual Studio Extension, FitNesse relies on a web server that utilizes a Wiki format to perform business acceptance testing.

Personally, I like to work entirely within the Visual Studio IDE, therefore, I highly prefer using SpecFlow, but like I stated earlier, you can choose whichever tool suits your needs.

If you want to download the Visual Studio 2013 extension for SpecFlow, you can either download it as a NuGet package or get the extension directly from the Visual Studio Gallery here: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/90ac3587-7466-4155-b591-2cd4cc4401bc

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