Sunday, November 24, 2013

InstallShield Developer Reference -- Getting Started with InstallShield

If you are new to using InstallShield, the easiest way to get started with developing a new InstallShield package is to use the Project Assistant.

The Project Assistant provides you with an easy wizard interface to get you up and running with the most common options required for creating and building an installation package.  While most installation packages will still require you to edit settings in Installation Designer, the Project Assistant will get you up and running with the most basic values to be used in your package very quickly:

In each of the dialogs, you will notice that in the left hand navigation there is an option to perform some easy customizations without having to go into Installation Designer.  Other links will take you directly into Installation Designer for editing those settings.

One of the most useful screens in the Project Assistant which cannot easily be modified through Installation Designer is the Custom Images Dialog available from the Installation Interview tab in Project Assistant:

This dialog allows you to select custom images for your dialogs to provide your own customized branding for your InstallShield package.  Below is the Help text associated with using these Custom Dialog Images (accessed by clicking the Help button from the Dialog Images dialog box):

Dialog Images Dialog Box

Use the Dialog Images dialog box to add an image (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .ibd) that you want to display on your installation’s dialogs.

Full Screen Image
Browse to a graphic file that will serve as the full-screen background for your exterior dialogs. Exterior dialogs are dialogs that appear at the beginning or end of the installation, including InstallWelcome and SetupCompleteSuccess (the final dialog upon successful installation). The full-screen image should measure 499 by 312 pixels.

Banner Image

Browse to a graphic file that will run across the top of interior dialogs. Interior dialogs, which appear between the first and last installation dialogs, include the LicenseAgreement and CustomSetup dialogs. The banner image should be 499 by 58 pixels.

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