Friday, November 29, 2013

How to enable InstallShield LE for Visual Studio

If you are interested in using the free version of InstallShield called InstallShield LE with Visual Studio, you should know that it does not ship by default with Visual Studio.

In fact, if you go into Visual Studio and create a new project type under "Other Project Types" --> Setup and Deployment, you will only see an icon that says "Enable InstallShield Limited Edition":

The provided instructions will then simply take you to this link where you have to register to download InstallShield Limited Edition:

Once you download and install the LE version, you will be able to create an InstallShield LE project:

Of course, you will need the serial number that you received when you registered your copy of the software, because InstallShield LE requires activation:

Only after InstallShield LE is successfully activated, will you actually be able to begin using it for developing InstallShield LE Setup and Deployment projects:

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  1. Installshield Limited Version is very less features support...