Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sourcegear Vault v. 7.0 Released!

If you do some personal development, Sourcegear Vault is an excellent alternative to using Team Foundation Server Express/Team Foundation Service. 

First of all, it is free (like Team Foundation Server Express/Team Foundation Service).  However, it is free only for 1 user, therefore, if you need more than 1 user (and up to 5 users), you are still better off with using Team Foundation Server Express/Team Foundation Service.

Second of all, it is reasonably easy to install and has a few features which Team Foundation Server still does not have (such as detection of renegade files and archiving of old source control folders/branches).

However, if you were previously using Sourcegear Vault v. 6.0 (like me), you will definitely want to upgrade to the latest version--v. 7.0.

While I was using v. 6.0, I noticed that I was having tremendous performance issues running on a Windows Server 2012 Server with IIS 8.0 and SQL Server 2012.  An operation such as a simple checkout of a few files would take several minutes and very frequently crash the Vault Client!

Therefore, after reviewing the release notes for v. 7.0, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my existing Vault v. 6.0 installation to v. 7.0.

After making a backup of my databases, I proceeded to upgrade my installation.  The upgrade installation went very smoothly and fortunately, after the upgrade was completed, the performance issues that were plaguing my Sourcegear Vault client vanished! 

I was back to excellent performance!  Therefore, if you haven't already upgraded to v. 7.0, you should do so now!

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